Use the following links to purchase your tickets.
You will see there 4 options with different periods.
Make sure to select the correct one according to your desired date.


Important Notes:

1) The visits are going to be exclusive by reservations until there is an executive order that indicates that we can operate without any restriction. The reservation process will only consist of buying the tickets online. 

2) No more than 50 visitors are allowed per period of time.

3) All visitors must wear a face mask at all times. A visitor without a mask is not going to be allowed to enter the site.

4) All ticket sales are for regular admission. We will not make refunds under any circumstances.

5) No transportation service is going to be offered. The visitor that has a physical or health condition, will be allowed to park his/her car in the parking of the SVC staff as long as there is space available to park.

6) The guards will take the temperature of each visitor and any person with a temperature of 100.4 oF (38 oC) or higher, will not be allowed to enter the site. If that visitor came in a group, the entire group will not be allowed to enter to the site either.

7) If a group of visitors is at the gates before the hour of their reservation, they can enter the S&VC as long as there are less than 50 people in the Center. If the visitors come after the hour of their reservation, they can pass to the SVC but will have the remaining time of their reservation to do the tour.

8) No VIP Tours will be offered. This includes tours to the Reflector and the Control Room.

9) These determinations will be announced through our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter), the official webpage of the Arecibo Observatory, Google, and the person in charge of the reservation. Signs outside the Arecibo Observatory will be posted to let the visitors know that they need a reservation in order to enter to the SVC.


Additional Notes:

1) Our priority if the safety and health of our employees, for that reason every employee will be wearing a face mask, face shields, and gloves.

2) The limited amount of people along with the reservations will allow to clean of the exhibitions and surfaces of the SVC after each period of time.

3) Marks on the floor indicating the minimum distance (social distancing; 6 feet) have been identified.

4) The auditorium has been divided in such a way that there is space between each row of seats.